Humanitarian professional, author, policy advisor, and performer, in the past 10 years Carla worked with governmental and non-governmental organizations in North Korea, China, Myanmar, Thailand and Cuba. She supported the update of the North Korea Disability Law and the ratification in North Korea of the UN Convention for the rights of persons with disabilities (2014 and 2016); she joined the revision of the Inter Agency Standing Committee guidelines on Gender Based Violence in humanitarian settings (2018). From 2016 to 2018 she co-chaired the Myanmar Victims Assistance working group, coordinating national and international actors working to uphold the rights of persons surviving landmines. 

Carla’s long-term interests are intersectional feminism and the relation between neo-colonialism and the aid industry: she contributed to the development of Diversity Equity and Inclusion policies in several international organizations, in 2022 she finalized a paper on partnership as a way to challenge power relations in the aid sector in Cuba, and joined a transnational advisory group working with the Belgian Development Cooperation on practices for decolonization. 

She is the author of two books, Pyongyang Blues (2019) and Myanmar Swing (2021), speaking about humanitarian assistance, and the impact of patriarchy and postcolonialism on aid. Pyongyang blues became in 2020 a podcast mentioned among the 35 best Italian podcasts. 

In 2022 Carla received the honor of Cavaliere all’Ordine della Stella d’Italia from the President of the Republic of Italy, for her action in humanitarian settings and her work as an author. 

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